Mark recently send me links to some great Françoise Hardy videos. Let’s make this a Françoise Friday! This Johnny Halliday cover can’t be embedded, alas.

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Guillome

    Françoise Hardy est une de mes chanteuses française préférée ! merci pour ces vidéos !

  2. marksl

    These films show Françoise Hardy at the height of her fame as songwriter, singer and style icon…. at a distance of nearly 50 years her achievement looks all the greater. Arguably, before Françoise, there was no modern look or style for young women. She set the look. It was lost when the hippy era was followed by the dreary Seventies, and then the over-the-top Eighties (think Bangles). But in the 2010s every girl (and woman up to 40 !) seems to look or want to look like Françoise did in 1967. In 1964 her fashion designer Paco Rabanne set out to make Françoise ‘the girl from the year 2000’. He was a good forecaster.
    Françoise’s live performance of ‘Douce Violence’ in 1966 is a true historic document. This is the only recording of her singing the classic song that Johnny Halliday made famous. It is not on any album and she never performed it again.
    The line ‘Le monde immense soudain nous appartient’ (see full lyrics below) seems to sum up where Johnny, Sylvie and Françoise found themselves at the height of their success.

    There are three Youtube posts of the same film clip, and Filles Sourires has chosen the best.


    Douce violence de nos jeunes amours
    Tendre insouciance de nos premiers beaux jours
    Quand le temps nous fait face au ciel de nos seize ans
    C’est notre enfance qui meurt doucement

    Douce violence de nos cœurs éperdus
    Folle impatience des joies tant attendues
    Notre vie s’illumine au feu de sa chaleur
    Et l’on fait taire ses peurs

    Mon amour donne-moi des nuits sans sommeil
    Pour qu’enfin nos désirs se rassemblent
    Mon amour guide-moi vers les tendres réveils
    Qui bientôt nous verront ensemble

    Douce violence de nos premiers matins
    Le monde immense soudain nous appartient
    Et nos cœurs et nos lèvres
    Voudraient garder toujours
    La douce violence de notre amour