Satellite Jockey

From Lyon and Brest, Satellite Jockey make delightful danceable indie rock with nods to 60s baroque pop and sunny yacht rock. Keyboardplayer Pauline Le Caignec is one of the singers.


Chanterelles from Montreal is a duo. Amelie Mandeville (also a solo artist) and Virginie Reid make dreamy pop for bright orange sunsets. This is the first single

Pi Ja Ma

Pi Ja Ma = Pauline de Tarragan. She loves The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and makes music with Axel Concato. This is (as far as I know) her first French single.

Stéfi Celma

If you know the French comedy Dix Pour Cent (it’s on Netflix) you saw Stéfi Calma. The actress took part in several musical spectacles and acted in series and movies, this is her first solo single. Love this.

Tess Merlot

The lovely Tess, proud to call her my friend, released a new single. She’s a gorgeous singer who keeps the old style (with new insights, I must add) chanson very much alive.