Gina Eté & Tillmann Ostendarp

From Switzerland, Gina’s called ‘the Swiss answer to Björk’. Tillmann’s also known als Dj Real Madrid. Big shoes to fill, no? This remix is very synthy, which we like. If yer into Dominique Dumont and other lo-fi balearic beats, check out the EP too.


Delta, the new album by (Amandine) Maissiat is out. And this beauty is on that album (repost, because it’s great):

Been writing about Maissiat every now and then, to refresh your memory, here’s three great tracks from the past:

With Mina Tindle, great cover of a Jane Birkin song:

Videoclub, Adèle

Videoclub, je t’aime. It seems that the duo is dead, because singer Adèle has a solo single out. Videoclub does gets mentioned in the credits. This track still has that languid 80s vibe that I love, but more pop added.

Ottis Coeur

From Paris, this punky duo (Camille & Margaux) just released a new EP with fierce, fast, catchy tracks in the vein of Liminañas, Wet Leg and the like. Great videos too.


New French singer Clair, who records under the wings of Philippe Katerine. Her music is reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra and Anna Karina. It’s all retro, but hey, when spring’s coming, you DEFINITELY wanna hear these soothing sounds, no?