The Operator

Italians do it Better, is the name of the label of this single. But Sophie Thibaud proves in this discofied and very Gainsbourgian song, that ze French know a thing or two about making sexy dance music too…

DO not DO

DO not Do is a duo, Iskander & Romy, who started making records in 2021. Synthpop, with some prominent guitars. Upbeat, fun pop music. Three recent singles:

Alice Wondering

A trained cellist, who moved from France to the UK. Alice Wondering made some triphop/electrosoul-influenced singles, this new track is more French (to me), starts easy but rocks out later on. Sensual, soulful and (at first) slow:


Strong single from French singer Vio, who incorporates that filtered French house sound in her song. The video is part of a series, so more to come:


Parisienne Saâne is in no hurry at all. This is her fourth single, since 2021. No albums, no EPs. Just a handful of tracks. This one’s a sultry, slow beauty:

Joe Le Panic

Slow song, dripping like raindrops, by Joe Le Panic:

Anais MVA

More upbeat and pop than earlier, soothing singles, Anais MVA’s new single is one to be heard (and seen:)

Francoiz Breut

Ooh la la, Francoiz is spoiling us with yet another brilliant single, one with some heavy Stereolab vibes. An ode to spring, if I’m understanding it correctly. On her Facebook, she says about this track: ‘Joy joy joy of the sprouts, of the strength of the root under the bitumen. May the spring give us strength!’