Julia Daigle

Jane, Charlotte and Lou all rolled into one:

And from her album I really dig this song too:

Cyril Mokaiesh & Keren Ann

From the upcoming duets album by Cyril (featuring Dominique A, Calogero, Florent Marchet, ao), the first single is a duet with Keren Ann:


Meimuna (= Cyrielle Formaz from Switzerland) has quite the discography already (see here) but I first heard about her thanks to her new EP. It’s folksy, ethereal, and very beautiful:


Amoue = Lara Pitten. I really really really dig the printemps vibe in this song:

Salome Leclerc

Gorgeous Salome is back, with a new single, and later on a new album:

Wendy Limery

From Singapore, on a label that takes Daptone and Big Crown Records as inspiration. That means: it sounds like it was made in the sixties, all fuzzy, funky ‘n warm, but is actually very new and now. This track could be in a French existential spy movie: