Aud Rey

Pop with a big P, about an ‘amour avec un grand A’. Slightly desafinado, as we like it. Short but sweet, in any shape or form:


Myra (pronunciation: ‘Maïra’) changed to French, after two EPs in English. Which is a good thing, we say. She likes warm-blooded rhythms, from flamenco to reggaeton to bossanova. First heard this new single:

And then dove in her other material. This funny video jumped out:

Yes, it’s sexy pop music. But with a nice subtlety, not just productional trickery, there’s some weight to it too. Which is nice. Find out more HERE


Cosmic indie-psyche-soul. It’s a thing, and Toulouse duo Ceylon, comprised of Louise Holt and Tristan Chevalier, play this. To break it down: there are West-African-ish guitar lines, downtempo rhythms, funky basslines, psych-electronics (very subtle), plus the high, sultry voice of Louise and the more down to earth groan of Tristan. Two albums so far, and a handful of singles. I’d never heard of ‘m before (shame), but their latest offering is VERY up my alley. See this:

En Stéréo

This is FANTASTIC. A trio from Montréal (Gab Godon,Gabriel Reichhold & Jeanne Gariépy) who make sultry downtempo music like, say, Belleruche or Boozoo Bajou back in the late 90s/early 2000s. Funky bass, soothing vocals, electronic fx. En Stéréo’s new EP has all the right vibes. Excellent stuff, also for 2024

Pale Regard

French dreamy rockband Pâle Regard released this sunny, reverb-y single. They say: ‘The song is imbued with irony and lightness, with the voice taking pride of place, perched above the instrumental like a delicate chouquette atop a stack of warm, freshly baked pastries’


A Manu Chao-ish, strummed guitar-rhythm, dreamy vocals by Clou and lyrics about how the singer offers ‘my shoulder’ for comfort (if I’m hearing this correct). But does she like being in the friend zone? Hmm. Clou sounds sunny, and substantial:

Lallemant & Spettro

Conversations about the music of Nino Rota, Angelo Badalementi and Ennio Morricone lead to the sixth album of Bastien Lallemant, this time with help of singer Elisabeth Spettro. The result is very cinematic, atmospheric and in the vein of dark Calexico tunes and the ‘Rome’ album by Danger Mouse, Norah Jones and Daniele Luppi. Here’s a sample:

Fleur de Peau

Synthi-pop; France has had a cool string of duo’s providing cold synthetic sounds and sultry vocals back in the 80s (Elli & Jacno, Niagara). Those sounds are still in fashion, also outside of France. HERE is a Spotify playlist (featuring Videoclub, Toboggan, Evergreen, and more). That includes Quebec’s Fleur de Peau, Louis & Elie. There’s a prominent guitar involved, but most of the time the keys rock (and soothe) the songs. Have a listen:

Thanks Steve J for the tip.