Dutch neo-yeye singer Fleur has a new single out. Which is great. On Bandcamp

Staplin + April March

Staplin, a duo fishing in the same pond as Nicolas & JB from Air, love the cinema. And soundtracks. So they made an album with music for movies. And they called some guest singers, like the phenomenal Halo Maud. BUT, the catch here is a track featuring the pipes of April March. Yes, still alive and singing.


Somewhere between early Emily Simon and the more ambient side of Mylene Farmer:

More on Maïa HERE


Great, sexy track by Montreal-based Munya. More on her HERE

Parfait Eté 2018

You were waiting for it, weren’t you? A playlist full of summery French tunes, blasts from the past (Alex Gopher, France Gall), the newest stuff (Christine & the Queens, Claire Laffutt, Le Roi Angus), African jams, discobreaks, it’s all there y’all. Go HERE.