Belle Grand Fille

Belle Grand Fille hails from Montreal, and writes songs with ethereal beauty. In a playlist with favorite songs (on Spotify), you won’t be surprised to find Cohen, Dylan, Mitchell, next to Camille, Hardy and Pierre Lapointe. This duet, form BGF’s new album, with Stéphanie Boulay is gorgeous:

Olivier Faubert & Thais

Fleetwood Mac anno ‘Rumours’ – but on the Route du Soleil. In pastel colouring. Great 70s yacht rock vibe in this post-summer duet. No video yet, alas:


October’s approaching, but Louve takes us back to hot summernights, with this sultry track:


Comforting, sultry, midtempo electronic pop songs. French singer Clé released a handful singles that light up every summer sundown. Eighties vibes in Beauté Steréo and ‘Entre deux’, lush seventies in Où?. Some demo-recordings on her Bandcamp too. Keep a close eye on this one.

Lucia Fumero

Lucia lives in Spain, makes beautiful but maybe not to accessible (depends on your definition of ‘experimental’, I guess) electronic music. She sings in French. Last June, she released an EP dedicated to her yet to be born baby. My guess is that he’s born by now. What a way to come into the world.


This track sounds sped up (the music, not the vocals) (thank God) and is a nice shot of caffeine for the ears.


No, not Auren, this is Parisienne Aure, who debuted just before summer with an English track. She is signed to a Belgian label, and this short, Francoise-Hardian -track is her first officiel offering in French. It’s gorgeous. Prelude to a melancho-Fall. (Merci @menjodepenjo)

Coline Rio

Coline Rio’s album ‘Ce qu’il restera de nous’ is out since March, and is one of the bestest French albums I heard this year. I’ve only posted one track, but there’s way more. Her exquisite voice, the delicate instrumentation, you really need to hear. See this acoustic live version:

This cover of the classic Dominique A/Francoiz Breat duet is great (it’s not on her album, but I LOVE this song):

This song IS on the album, and it’s brilliant:


This single is 3 months old, am I losing my edge? It’s a great discovery, still. Czesare has the most gorgeous sultry voice, in combo with Eva de Marce it’s the sweetest dream you ever had. Try her EP, out now. I get strong Jeff Buckley-vibes when I hear Czesare play guitar, see this great live video too.

Czesare guests on this single by rapper ACHIM: