Des Roses

From Nantes, France. Louis and Suzanne are brother and sister and form Des Roses. Musically, they fish in same pond als Slowdive, Mojave 3, Beach House – with French accents, of course. Dream pop, loud yet soft-focussed. They sing in English and French, the latter fits better I’d say.

Klara Kristin

Klara Kristin is a Danish model, actress and singer. She just released a cover EP called Lullaby & Drum Machine, with songs originally sung by Marie Laforet, Gainsbourg, Jeanette and Petula Clark. VERY nice voice.

Julie et Joe

Julie Big & Joe Moore form Julie & Joe. They long back to the days of Elli & Jacno, Mikado, Niagara, Lio et al. You can hear those 80s-influences in this very catchy single:


At the moment, I’m considering moving to Montreal permanently. SO many great singers from Quebec at the moment. Thais Millet, I loved her earlier singles a lot, has released a short album. Listen to Vanille, ‘the shape of chanson to come’, mixing soft-focus atmosphere with big beats and dub-style bass. Listen to the rest of the songs too.


From Switzerland, Xavier & Alizée from Aliose. Making albums since 2017, they’ve recently released an EP. This is not the lead track, but the duet, reminiscent of Biolay/Mastroianni, is my favourite.


Again, from Montreal, Canada. Maelydée (aka Mélissa Doyon) made a quite astonishing debut single. Not a bad idea at all.

Michaëlle Richter

From Montreal, Canada. Michaëlle Richter releaesed her first EP a year ago, but I heard it just recently. Her bass-heavy chansons are delicate, new-wave influenced (hear those icy synths) and Salomé Leclerc is a good reference.

Mina Tindle

Mina Tindle = Parisienne Pauline de Lassus. She was featured here before. Her gorgeous album came out today, one song is partly in French. It’s a love letter to Aaron Dessner (The National-bandmember), her husband.

La Feline

Pierre Vassiliu isn’t a household name like Gainsbourg, Brel or Montand, but the French singer (who passed away in 2004) was an enormous inspirition for Agnes/La Feline. For an EP, she recorded a rarity of Vassiliu, with beautiful outcome. THIS is the original.