How about a slow, sultry, sun-goes-down and night-looks-promising, half French/half English version of ‘Spooky‘? By Pijama Land? How’about a massage too?


This band (that celebrates it’s 10th anniversary!) loves the 60s, and who doesn’t? Their EP is called ‘Shoubidou Love’, they refer to the ohlala-sound of early Brigitte Bardot and Gillian Hills and the lead single looks like this:

Aud Rey

Pop with a big P, about an ‘amour avec un grand A’. Slightly desafinado, as we like it. Short but sweet, in any shape or form:


Myra (pronunciation: ‘Maïra’) changed to French, after two EPs in English. Which is a good thing, we say. She likes warm-blooded rhythms, from flamenco to reggaeton to bossanova. First heard this new single:

And then dove in her other material. This funny video jumped out:

Yes, it’s sexy pop music. But with a nice subtlety, not just productional trickery, there’s some weight to it too. Which is nice. Find out more HERE