Pomme covers Dalida

Singer/songwriter Waxx has an online show on Amazon, where he covers songs with famous, mostly French artists. I’d never heard of Waxx or the show (sorry) when suddenly his gentile Dalida cover with Pomme popped up. It’s lovely. Find more covers (with Coeur de Pirata, Iliona, Emilie Simon etc) on his Instagram or YouTube.

Parfait Eté 2023

The 14th Edition of the yearly summer songs playlist (and stubbornly, not changing the title, which SHOULD read L’été parfait, of course). New tracks by Alice & Moi, Voyou, Tess Merlot, Nicolas Michaux, Zephir, Clair, Comment Debord, and a lot more. Link to playlist HERE

Freedom Fry

A staple on this blog, French/American duo Bruce & Marie, aka Freedom Fry. They just released an EP with French-language summer jams. Funky tunes for late-night rooftop dancing. Style-wise you hear soulful Beegees, disco-France Gall and chill-out Daft Punk (in La Parapluie).

Aprile & Doria D

Synthified popsongs by a French duo – just can’t get enough. Alas, no video (yet), but this duet is just lovely: