Marie Mathematique

Marie Mathématique is the duo Emmanuelle Kawalek-Mazel and Nicolas Mazel, who took their band name from Jean-Claude Forest‘s fictional animation character, broadcasted in the 60’s with vocal contributions from Serge Gainsbourg and France Gall. On their just released new album the duo mostly channels the chunky yeye-pop of Jacqueline Taieb and Clothilde. With added psychedelica. Groovy baby!


Pataugeoire (‘wading pool’) is the moniker of Montreals Agathe Dupéré, a multi-instrumentalist who played with Safia Nolin and Emilie Proulx. This tracks is an intented nod to early nineties indie like Pixies, Magnapop, Juliana Hatfield et al. Which is nice.

Lord Huron & Sarah Dugas

Lord Huron, great band from Los Angeles with a lot of retro-vibes, recorded a song in two versions. One of the versions is in French, sung by Sarah Dugas. It’s a sultry, loungey track, perfect for sunsets:

Les Calamités

Born Bad Records put out a compilation of the great French indie band Les Calamités, France’s answer to The Go-Go’s, Blondie, We’ve Got a Fuzzbox & We’re Gonna Use It, and other female fronted, guitar-driven bands from the 80s. Also new on Born Bad, this album by La Femme.

Pi Ja Ma

Third time Pi Ja Ma appears on this blog, and we’re VERY excited ’bout the album coming up. This duet is a fine taster:

Sugar Candy Mountain

Sugar Candy Mountain is a duo from Oakland California, dubbed as the Bonnie & Clyde of psych pop. They recorded 3 Gainsbourg covers for THIS blog. Now, Requiem pour un con gets an official release on all platforms. Ash Reiter’s French pronunciation is not perfect, but the mood and vibe make up for that: