Ëda Diaz

Something different, but something really beautiful now, this French track by French-Colombian bassist Ëda Diaz. Suave Bruta is her debut-album, with a modern feel (electronics, samples, etc) but nods to the great Afro-Colombian musical tradition too. Check out the catcy Al Pelo, to get a good taste. Really colourful album. The last song is a slow burner in French:

Joe la Panic

Paola Frankel, actress, singer, is Joe la Panic. She released an album in 2022 that had a slow jam/soul vibe. This new single is more in the realms of the neon-coloured Videoclub retro-80s synth pond. Still soulful, too. I like to see where this going:


So, in 2021, we said, hey, there’s this singer called Lonny, she’s from Quebec, oops, no, she’s from France, and she’s an artist to watch. Keep track of Lonny! And then, we didn’t follow our own advice. So now, in 2024, we have to catch up. Lonny released an album (Ex-Voto, on Bandcamp HERE), and an EP, with reworked versions of song on her debut album, live tracks, demo’s. Her sultry, yet powerful voice is something else. There’s classic chanson in her voice, deep Americana and Stereolab’ish experiment. This is my favorite new track:

The guitars, the ethereal vibe of this song, reminded me of this Filles Sourires fave by Lisa Portelli: