Been raving about this Canadian singer for a while now. Her first album is out, and it’s a beauty. Her sunny, psychedelic view on 60s French YeYe is very catchy.

Karma 51

Lots of 80s vibes in this one (a long video, film noir and comedy), referring to Les Rita Mitsouko, Allez Allez and 80s disco. Melody Walter is the singer, Thomas Defaux on guitar.

Earlier, they made a spacey cover of a David Bowie classic:

Ely B

She’s 14 years old, she’s from Paris and she makes electronic music that’s not unlike early Yelle songs. Hiphop-influenced, TikTok-friendly. Great.

Fiona Fiasco

80s flavoured synthipop (think Lio, think Niagara) never lost its attraction. This is new:

Soleil Bleu

Soleil Blue = Lou Lesage & Arthur Jacquin. Lou was mentioned on this blog ten years ago, when her first (English) album came out. Somehow, we seem to have missed Soleil Bleu. All their singles are great. Sexy synthi-duets. This is the most recent one:

Pauline Croze

Lost track of Pauline, but this groove heavy track fits her characteristic breathy voice very well

Fin Renard

Fin Renard is the brainchild of Ethiène Massé St-Amant. He made three singles, with Violette Lapierre on vocals. Two sad disco tracks, and this slow burning groove. Jazzy, seductive. Reminds me of the 80s popjazz days of Style Council and Working Week.


New name, new album coming up. Lonny is from Quebec (EDIT: actually, she’s from France, she recorded in Quebec) two dreamy folksy singles are released. This is from last December. Her inspirations range from James Blake to Big Thief to Jean-Baptiste Soulard. One to follow: