Coline Rio

Coline Rio’s album ‘Ce qu’il restera de nous’ is out since March, and is one of the bestest French albums I heard this year. I’ve only posted one track, but there’s way more. Her exquisite voice, the delicate instrumentation, you really need to hear. See this acoustic live version:

This cover of the classic Dominique A/Francoiz Breat duet is great (it’s not on her album, but I LOVE this song):

This song IS on the album, and it’s brilliant:


This single is 3 months old, am I losing my edge? It’s a great discovery, still. Czesare has the most gorgeous sultry voice, in combo with Eva de Marce it’s the sweetest dream you ever had. Try her EP, out now. I get strong Jeff Buckley-vibes when I hear Czesare play guitar, see this great live video too.

Czesare guests on this single by rapper ACHIM:

DJ Karaba

From her bio on Bandcamp: ‘Karaba is Dj from Montreal. Growing up with a Congolese father, her sound is greatly influenced by her African roots. She was a professional dancer for many years, touring the world with Drake, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello & Chris Brown. Her energy radiates through every room, uplifting attendees and creating a unique euphoric experience.’ 

This is (as far as I can tell) the first EP with songs where we hear Karaba sing, and it’s a joyous affair. Sunny african-tinged, highly danceable music. Love this single:

This is a very cool dj-set/studio session with live musicians

Hat tip to DJ St Paul for introducing me to Karaba.

Le Couleur + Standard Emmanuel

A new Le Couleur single is always a joy, and this duet with Les Choses Sauvages-frontman Standard Emmanuel is a bleak disco classic. The video is all AI generated.

Also on Bandcamp:


Fantasydub = Luke Top, former member of afropopband Fool’s Gold. So far, he made a bunch of sunny cool West-African tinged singles with various vocalists.

With American singer Rachel Fannan (who sounds really convincing en Français):

Most recent single, with Sofia Bolt (French born singer Amelie Rousseaux, who sang a tender cover of La Nuit Je Mens)

Pâle Regard

New fantastic single (ooh that fat bassline!) by French chill-psychrockers Pale Regard:

Well, new, not really. In 2021 they recorded the song for a charity compilation:

The song is a cover, it was written by Pascal Obispo, sung by Avy Marciano, for a French tv series