Jeanne Bonjour

I don’t think the goal here was to better the song. Or to come close to the dark vibe of the original. I think the objective here was to see what could be done to this Radiohead-classic without turning it into a parody. Or maybe just a little, making those nods to Britney and Flashdance. Still, it’s great:

Bon Enfant

Fine holiday jam by Bon Enfant (Montreal, Quebec), featuring the 80s sounding vocals by Daphné Brissette.


Very clever, sexy pop. Louve’s been making records since 2021, with help from Kid Francescoli, Dani Terreur and others. One to watch:

Le Couleur

Usually, around this time, we post songs that are good to play whilst driving on the Autoroute du Soleil, but if you’re in Europe, you can also use the German Autobahn to travel (to France, preferably). Le Couleur, winking to Kraftwerk, made a song about the asphalt over the Rhine:


In October, the new album by Montreal’s MUNYA drops. Two songs are out now, this yacht-rock track is very VERY good:

Adele Castillon

Honestly, Adèle Castillon hasn’t released a single under her own name that is as classic as Vidéoclub’s Enfance 80 or Amour Plastique, but the new track is getting there:

Les Hollandaises

This blog champions French songs from all over the world, but since we’re based in Les Pays-Bas, we do keep an extra ear open for Dutch singers. This week, probably because of the start of le Tour de France, three strong tracks were released:

Tess Merlot was featured a few times here. Rien à perdre is a song about ‘battling your insecurities, and finding motivation to make life-changing decisions’, in her own words.

Dafne Holtland was part of trio Zazi, is now half of Kafka. With Zazi, she sang in French (also in other languages), kaleidoscope-pop duo Kafka was all English. Until now (yay!). The ‘Etienne’ in the song is a name Dafne saw carved in a workbench, in a house on the French countryside she stayed in. Her imagination started flowing, this is the song that came out:

And finally, Katell Chevalier. She debuts on this blog, though she’s a French force in Holland for a while now. She’s quite different from the sultry French singers we usually post here. This is her ode to women: