Joe Le Panic

Slow song, dripping like raindrops, by Joe Le Panic:

Anais MVA

More upbeat and pop than earlier, soothing singles, Anais MVA’s new single is one to be heard (and seen:)

Francoiz Breut

Vif! is the new (ninth, if I counted correctly) album by Cherbourg’s Francoiz Breut. The first two tasters of the album were VERY good, and the album does not disappoint. FB never sounded so groovy, and early Stereolab seems to be of influence on her music. Which is nice. She sings about the power of nature, of reaching out and touching, the power of smelling. And dancing, I presume. This track really stands out:

Sale Gamine

French pop band Sale Gamine (Carla Verde is the singer) draw inspiration from disco (Chic!), modern electronics and French 80s pop (remember Gamine?), not unlike L’Imperatrice, De Flore or Angèle. A new EP (7 tracks, or does this count as an album?) ‘Beta’ is just out. Danceable tasters:

Dawa Salfati

You may have heard Dawa Salfati as a guest singer on several electronica- and dub-tracks, her own music is as chill as those tracks, but more folksy, more guitars less beats. The first EP ‘Tabou’ is just out, and her breezy voice is a good fit for the late-sunny music:

De Flore, Bonnie, Juniore

Three tracks you should hear! This subtle discofied song from De Flore’s new EP;

From Bonnie Banane’s great album (part English, part French), this prize and very fun track. Bonnie’s album is on Bandcamp, but I can’t share tracks (odd):

Plus, a very welcome return to a very fine form, this new exciting Juniore track:


New, gorgeous sweet folksy track by Swiss singer Meimuna (Cyrielle Formaz). For this track, she got help from Dutch singer/producer Ella van der Woude, who did a terrific job. Also, check Meimuna’s duet with Gaspard Sommer.