Kate Bollinger

American folk(sy) artist Kate Bollinger covered this classic, to promote her European tour. “I love Jacques Dutronc and wanted to sing this song for a while,” says Bollinger. “The band sounds so classic and sophisticated, but the lyrics are silly. Normally I like for cover songs to stray far from the original, but I felt differently here. I wanted to stay pretty true to the Jacques version.” Didn’t I tell you earlier that Jacques’ songs are being re-discovered all the time? Yes I did.

Halo Maud

This EP was released last november. It contains four tracks, mostly inspired by Bulgarian folk music. Maud has an extensive explanation on her Bandcamp page about the EP, and lead single ‘Pesnopoïka’. A snippet: “Pesnopoïka is a dance in circles around the feeling of love. Musically, it is a song which assembles several of my obsessions; a long harmonic cycle, an unleashed guitar solo recorded in one take, an a capella section, a rhythm you can dance to.”

Anaïs MVA

From Belgium, in the same vein as Pomme and Angèle. Which is nice: