French Synth

Made a playlist with old & new French synth-pop duo’s; Videoclub, Elli & Jacno, Tobbogan, Evergreen. Find it HERE on Spotify.

Narcoleptic Dancers, French Tape Vintage Party

Thanks to blog-reader Lewis, I now know Narcoleptic Dancers and French Tape Vintage Party. They have a (Dutch?) link, the songs of these acts were written by one Anton Louis Jr. Lewis writes:

“I recently Shazamed a song playing at the end of S4: E5 of “What We Do in the Shadows” and found this charming record apparently made primarily for film and tv production:

“The song played in the series episode was “No Rule” — I ended up buying French Tape Vintage Party from iTunes and am enjoying all the 60s yeh-yeh touchpoints. It does have me wondering if there might be some AI analysis of era hits for resynthesis purposes, but, hey, it’s working for me. I’ve uncovered nothing about the female vocalist who may or may not have co-writing credits for the album but did find this earlier effort by the guy credited with the French Tape: Vintage Party album. The Narcoleptic Dancers were a French-Dutch duo comprising purported half-brother and sister members fond of obscuring their faces and making up unlikely stories. I thought this one shared some DNA:

Thanks Lewis! Discogs says that the Melody van Kappers in Narcoleptic Dancers (and probably the Dutch half in the duo) is the (not very Dutch) Melody Prochet, she of Melody’s Echo Chamber.

I’m not sure if Virginie Mouchoir (a name that also sounds like a pseudonym) is the singer in the FT:VP songs, she’s credited as a writer. But she DOES sound like the vocalist on this 2021 French cinematic yeye-ode, with one Antonio Giovanni jr (I see what you did there, Anton Louis jr) as a producer:

Nothing on Discogs about this record, alas. More infor about the singer and the producer is welcomed!


In December, the long Dutronc & Dutronc tour ends in the big Accor Arena in Paris (that holds 20k visitors). Thomas re-arranged the work of his dad Jaqcues, both are on stage. Youtube is flooded with great live clips. The work of Jacques is still a staple, also with younger artists. As this synthpop version by boy-girl duo Evergreen proves:

Benjamin Biolay & Clara Luciani

The new Biolay/Luciani duet Santa Clara is out. It is a great post-summer, danceable track:

It is not the first time Ben en Clara teamed up. This is when they covered Bardot & Gainsbourg (live, sound’s not very good alas):

This is them duetting on Chere Inconnue, from Biolay’s debut album:


Dutch retro-yeye queen Fleur is releasing new album, this is the first single:

Le Capharnaum means ‘giant mess’, by the way.