Serge Gainsbourg, produced by Martin Hannett, of Joy Division-fame. An apt description of the songs on Nicolas Comment‘s second album, Nous Etions Dieu. That was actually produced by Marc Colling, of Nouvelle Vague-fame. Nicolas is a photographer too, several books with his works were published. See examples here. Where you also can read that he worked with Rodolphe Burger and Jacques Higelin, and that Comment made a book-plus-cd in 2008. See/listen to a track from that album here.  I listened to Nous Etions Dieu several times now. The Gainsbourg-influence is easy to spot, first song Je te veux sounds like a Melody Nelson-outtake. Closing song Comme d’une foret la hache is more in the Tête de chou-vain. First single and title track Nous étions Dieu is haunting, catchy, retro-chic song with a great video (posted that one earlier, here). L’Attendue is very strong too. Jerome Attal made a similar sounding album a few years back, he didn’t cross-over to non-French-speaking countries. But I can see Nicolas step over the border.

Nicolas Comment – Nous étions Dieu

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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