It’s Quatorze Juillet and to celebrate I give you a couple of guys. With girls, added. First off is Ben L’Oncle Soul, who used to call himself Oncle Ben, until a brand of rice by one Uncle Ben protested. He’s signed by Motown France, and makes soul like Motown made back in the day. But in French. Most of the time. He debuted with an EP last year sporting just covers, Barbie Girl by Aqua and I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. On his first album, there’s one cover (Seven Nation Army), the rest are brand new songs. I really like Soul Man, with those Motown-y drumrolls.
Radio Néo’s blog introduced me to Piero Moiolo, a singer-songwriter who played in ska-bands in the nineties, but now makes eloquent, charming folksy-songs (they compare him to both Joseph d’Anvers and -M-), the title track of his upcoming album Dans les squares en été is a terrific late summerevening song.
Finally Eric Belanger. From Quebec, yes, but no relation to Daniel Belanger. And no. he’s not this hockeyplayer. Eric’s a thoughtful singer-songwriter with a pretty voice. His new (second) album is just out, on which he duets with Marie-Andrée Landry. This song is a bonus track, but on his first album he kicked off with a gorgeous duet with the ultra-lovely Andrea Lindsay. Both songs are here. See a great animation video of Nous here.

Ben L’Oncle Soul – Soul Man
Piero Moioli – Dans les squares en été
Eric Belanger & Andrea Lindsay – Nous
Eric Belangers & Marie Andree Landry – C’etait pas vraiment nous

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.