KX Radio is a Dutch internet-only radiostation (owned by acclaimed dj Rob Stenders) that broadcasts shows by the creme de la creme of Dutch radio-dj’s, playing only the songs they like themselves. I started making podcasts for KX a few weeks back, that show’s called Ongehoord Goed (Unheard Goods) and I play my favorite non-English tracks. Anything goes, from bossa nova to cumbia to hiphop to rawk, sung in French, Finnish, German, Russian, Spanish…non-English, as I said. Here’s a link to the latest podcast, plus a tracklist. I will post links and tracklists of earlier shows later on this blog. The show’s hosted in Dutch, and yes, I’m not a natural when it comes to radiomaking. Enfin. Hope you like it anyhow. Pictured on the right is Swedish-Italian beauty Veronica Maggio.

Podcast Ongehoord Goed.

1. Straatligkinders – Kaptein (South Africa)
2. Kurt Darren – Kaptein (South Africa)
3. Karpatenhund – Gegen der Rest (Germany)
4. Zee Avi – Katoi (Malaysia)
5. GaGa – Loco Loco (Holland)
6. Anna Vissi – Horvath (Greece)
7. Ben L’Oncle Soul – Soul Man (France)
8. Rocky Roberts – Stasera mi butto (Italy)
9. Oriental – Sen Gülünce (Turkey)
10. C-Mon & Lilian Vieira – Sintetica (Holland/Brazil)
11. Camur – Halim Öyle (Turkey)
12. Zaz – Je veux (France)
13. Ozomatli – Cumbia de las muertes (USA)
14. Souad Massi – Le bien et le mal (Algeria)
15. DAF – Verschwende deine Jugend (Germany)
16. Flight of the Conchords – Foux du fafa (New Zealand)
17. Veronica Maggio – Mandagsbarn (Sweden)

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Anna

    Nice to see Veronica Maggio included. She’s good.