Guestpost! Vanessa on the movie Mademoiselle Chambon, and the song by Barbara that is used in the trailer (and the movie):

“In the film ‘Mademoiselle Chambon’, an enigmatic and refined schoolteacher enters the quiet life of a mason, cracking the surface of his simple and idyllic world. Everyday life for Jean (Vincent Lindon) means work, caring for an elderly father (Jean-Marc Thibault) and raising their son, Jeremy, with wife, Anne-Marie (Aure Atika). But when he meets his son’s new teacher, Mlle. Chambon (Sandrine Kiberlain) to discuss the boy’s work, something changes in him.

The difficulty of love between these two individuals creates a study of repressed passion and subtlety, of deep longing and missed opportunities.  Watch closely and you’ll sense that the chemistry between Lindon and Kiberlain seems real, perhaps because they were married but separated at the time of filming.

Barbara’s “Septembre (Quel Jolie Temps)” plays melancholically over the trailer that contains no dialogue.  The wistful strains of the song echo the conflict and desire between the two leads; they may be sharing a space but they’re careful to avoid each other.  The long quiet between them is near bursting with what they don’t say and what they can’t do.  On first listen, I thought the music came from two songs, which reminded me of the dual lives we sometimes have – the one the world sees us lead and the other that we wish we led.”

Barbara – Septembre

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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