This month, celebrates it’s fifth anniversary, which means that I will post a lot of goodies, we will look back on legendary posts and I asked several musicians and a dj to come up with an extra special present for all ye faithful visitors. To kick off, here are two Gainsbourg-covers that were never issued on cd, and I never saw them posted before.

First off is Antoinette, a YeYe-singer who I know nothing about. It’s not the British singer of the same name, my guess is she’s Belgian, because the vinyl-single that I ripped was given away free with Belgian magazine Panorama. There was also this version, but the girl on the cover looks very different from the cover I have.
Trumpet Boy’s real name was Fernand Verstraete (born in 1925 in Rouen, died in 1992), who made several EP’s and albums with his ‘trompette-succès’. His version of Le claqueur des doigst stems from 1959 or ’60, and as you can hear my vinyl-copy isn’t in the best of shape. Which adds to the jazzy atmosphere, nonetheless.

Antoinette – Baby pop
Trumpet Boy – Le claqueur des doigts

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. LD

    Many thanks for the gems – can’t wait to see [hear?] what other magic you have up your sleeve.

  2. mordi

    what a marvy 5 years it’s been.
    keep up the amazing work.
    you have one of the best music blogs around.

  3. Skunkeye

    Congrats on five years!!!! hard to believe – what an incredible amount of love, thought, and hard work you’ve put into this site. Much appreciated.