Even the good old Deutsche Grammophon label – once home of Herbert von Karajan, Daniel Barenboim, or Claudio Abbado – doesn’t offer the same quality choice anymore. Meanwhile, they have broadened their product range a bit: Recently they signed Ulrich Tukur, German tv cop for Europe’s probably worst crime show Tatort and a grandmaster of the overacting art, and produced his song album Mezzanotte, which contains a lovely duet with 90-years-old German movie legend Margot Hielscher, an unscrupulous raping of Friedrich Hollaender’s wonderful and immortal Illusions, and even two French numbers, one of which is a stiff and stilted carnival version of Charles Trenet’s nonchalantly charming 1939 chanson Le soleil et la lune. And history is repeating: In 1940, German troops did to France what Tukur is doing to Trenet in 2010.

Ulrich Tukur – Le soleil et la lune

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  1. Sky

    Kind of a cult for the demented, if you ask me. But since FS isn’t a movie forum, let’s stick to the music.

  2. Thomas

    I agree with the statement for this Trenet-cover: Tukur should better act than sing. But he is one of the few german actors with international class and reputation. And: TATORT (since 1970!) is an entertaining, interesting, very often inventive crime serie..sort of cult here in Germany…

  3. LD

    True, I haven’t heard Trenet’s version, but I thought Tukur was quite entertaining – I enjoyed it. Thanks as always.