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The Boulay sisters, Stéphanie and Mélanie, are, in their words, «de vraies sœurs, mais ni filles, nièces ou cousines d’Isabelle Boulay». But when Isabelle was made one of the ‘coaches’ for the competitors in the 2014 ‘La Voix’, the producers asked the sisters in as guest stars to sing with her their popular hit ‘Mappemonde’ during the final programme:

This unique live performance has the feel of a handover from the old-style 20th century Quebec chanteuses, represented by Isabelle (now 42) to a new and very creative 21st century style represented by Stéphanie and Mélanie.

I have posted the lyric of ‘Mappemonde’ below the Youtube film of the three Boulays, along with an English translation. As we all know now, thanks to Coeur de Pirate’s explanation of her second album title, in Quebec French ‘blonde’ means ‘girlfriend’.

Other recent live performances by the sisters:
* An instant street performance of ‘Cul-de-sac’ in a Montreal alley at Francofolies in June 2013 here
* High up on a Montreal roof overlooking the city this spring here
* And making a parachute jump in matching jumpsuits in May
followed by ‘T’es pas game’ live on landing:

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French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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