Emily Loizeau

‘Tyger, Tyger, burning bright/In the forests of the night.’ William Blake’s famous poem The Tyger is cited in the first track of Emily Loizeau’s third album, Mothers & Tygers. A very delicate, folky affair with English and French songs. She has a French mamam and an English dad, on her earlier albums she sang both in French and English. At first, she wanted to make an English album. But later on she decided not to go against her bilingual upbringing. Family, the relationship between mothers and daughters and the poetry of William Blake (read to her as a little girl by her grandmother) are recurring themes on this album. Em’s a mom herself, which made her think back of her own childhood and the tiger-like wildness she felt back then. At least, that’s what she says in this interview.
Emily sings two duets, one with Camille, and another (Blake’s The Angel set to music) with Herman Düne’s singer David-Ivar Herman Düne – both work very, very well. Because of Loizeau’s roots, you never cringe when she sings in English, her beautiful, slightly hoarse vocals are set to banjo’s, strings, acoustic guitars and percussion. Lesser leftfield sounds then on her sophpmore album, more restrained. Not the all-out party folk of, say, Mumford and Sons. But more like in earlier single Vol le chagrin des oiseaux.

Emily Loizeau – Tyger

Amelie Veille

Guestpost! Dave on yet another beauty from Quebec: Amelie Veille.

One of the nicer things that can happen on any given day is coming across a new album by a favorite artist who you thought had stopped recording. I think I can be forgiven for thinking this, as Amelie’s last CD, “Un Moment ma Folie”, was from six years ago. Amelie’s on the folk side of rock, a pretty singer-songwriter with girl next door looks (well, I wish she was next door, anyway), a soft voice, and an acoustic guitar. Her first two albums were a bit on the melancholy side, from her own description, but even so most of the songs stay upbeat in tempo. Amelie’s new CD, Mon coeur pour te garder, strikes out in a different direction, light-hearted and fun. (Video here, nice article here) Here are three favorites, one from each of her albums.

Now if only Adrienne Pauly would finally, finally come out with a new album.

Amelie Veille – Mon coeur pour te garder (original here)
Amelie Veille – La main sur le carreau
Amelie Veille – Je voudrais te dire


Thought we’d lost her, but no, Amelie with the crayons returns with an new album, out October 8. Preview on Bandcamp:

Dawn Landes

A Kentucky-girl with a husky voice who fell in love with France, who learned to speak French by listening to French music and finally released a French EP. Dawn Landes‘ story in a nutshell. The countryfied singer, who released two albums on France-based label Fargo, got help from (among others) Karen Lohier of Katel, Tunde from TV On The Radio and Matthew C. from Nada Surf. With the latter, she sings a pretty duet. The EP closes with a Georges Brassens cover, and features touches of doo-wop, country, jazz and Françoise Hardy-style weepers. Not all songs are great (not a big fan of La Vie Au Lasso), but that duet is just lovely. The EP comes with a book of illustrations by Dawn.

Dawn Landes & Matthew Caws – L’ingénue