Guestpost! Dave on yet another beauty from Quebec: Amelie Veille.

One of the nicer things that can happen on any given day is coming across a new album by a favorite artist who you thought had stopped recording. I think I can be forgiven for thinking this, as Amelie’s last CD, “Un Moment ma Folie”, was from six years ago. Amelie’s on the folk side of rock, a pretty singer-songwriter with girl next door looks (well, I wish she was next door, anyway), a soft voice, and an acoustic guitar. Her first two albums were a bit on the melancholy side, from her own description, but even so most of the songs stay upbeat in tempo. Amelie’s new CD, Mon coeur pour te garder, strikes out in a different direction, light-hearted and fun. (Video here, nice article here) Here are three favorites, one from each of her albums.

Now if only Adrienne Pauly would finally, finally come out with a new album.

Amelie Veille – Mon coeur pour te garder (original here)
Amelie Veille – La main sur le carreau
Amelie Veille – Je voudrais te dire

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. marksl

    Amélie Veille is a most attractive singer and personality, with great songs, including interpretations. Her ‘Mon coeur pour te garder’ seems better now than the Noëlle Cordier original.

    Fate, luck and timing affect whether someone reaches the top. Why Coeur de Pirate, but not Amélie Veille ? She is an auteure-compostrice-interprète who can give Béatrice Martin a run for her money. The ‘La Presse’ interview of June 2012 (link from the FS page) suggests the problems she has had – loss of label, manager and backing musicians.

    Her interviews are worth listening to for her positivity and for her understandable French with a delightful Québec accent – see self-introduced clips of her songs in 2008

    Also ‘L’épouvantail’ (2003)

    And arguably Amélie Veille is Québec’s Susanna Hoffs: compare her ‘Qui aimes-tu?’ (slides)
    with the new Susanna Hoffs Album ‘Someday’ – see ‘Raining’ (best version)

  2. theo

    Je voulais te dire – link broken…