Didn’t listen to the guys that much to have an opinion, so I’ll stick to les filles:

1. Cécile Hercule – La Tête A L’Envers. The way we like them most. Clever and catchy songs, larded with an innocent and bright voice that is decorated with thorned roses, she got perfidious close to perfection. (Video)
2. Emmanuelle Seigner – Dingue. All good things last a little longer. Dingue, meant to be released in 2009, but postponed ’till januari 2010 was worth the wait. Postponed because of Seigner’s husband Roman Polanski’s rape-trial. Remarkable track on this album ‘Qui êtes-vous ?’, together with Polanski. The complete pop-album. Fresh, diverse and veiled, sensual and strong, charming but keen. Just like her. (Video)
3. Élodie Frégé – La Fille De L’après Midi. Like grinding a diamond. ‘La Fille De L’après Midi’ slowly reveals more and more of its beauty each time you listen to it.
4. Lafille – Tout Attaché(e). Who said French girls don’t rock? Merde!
5. Nouvelle Vague – Couleurs sur Paris. Masters of the reprise. But the trick keeps working over and over again, so why bother. This time Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux get the best out of filles like Mélanie Pain, Vanessa Paradis, Camille and FS-bunny Coralie Clément. Which guy wouldn’t be jealous of that? (Video)

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.