Liz van Deuq

Guestpost! Oscar on Liz van Deuq:
She sings and plays piano: let me introduce Vanessa Dequiedt, a French thirtysomething girl from Orléans. Since 2008 she performs as Liz Van Deuq. She studied piano for fifteen years and has a degree in musicology. Her first album is called ‘Anna-Liz’ and is not released by a big record company. So she is not backed by a lot of money to do large promotion campaigns or make fancy videoclips. Nonetheless last year she did receive a price for independent productions (Prix Autoproduction Secam) and she was picked up by a lot of French radio- and televisonstations. Until somewhere in june she will be touring with her trio through France. Try to catch her if you can. She is very funny on stage and makes beautiful music. Like this song ‘Des Rides’ (Wrinkles) about her grandma. Also very nice: Au conservatoire. More songs on Bandcamp.

Barbara Opsomer (slight return)

Barbara_Opsomer_By_Steven_Lyon_9Belgian actress Barbara Opsomer is a beautiful girl. If you’re not convinced by the picture posted here, look at this one. Or this one. In the first linked picture, Barbara wears lingerie. In the second one, she’s topless (without showing it all). Is it sexist to link to those pictures? Anti-feminist? I always considered this blog to be female-appreciative, a way to applaud, laud, honor women in music. Sure, there’s no need to link to, or posts sexy pictures but I think these girls and women weren’t coerced in having those pics taken. I don’t think I’m being sexist when I state that I enjoy beautiful pictures of beautiful girls. But there’s a fine line.
The other day, I received a promo package of Barbara Opsomers pr-guy, containing a condom in a pink Barbara Opsomer-package, a small bottle of wodka, a pin-on button with her face, a picture of an old couple, and a usb-card with pictures of Barbara smoking (posted here) and drinking beer. What’s the message here? Is Opsomer just a fun-loving, outgoing girl with no issues about her sexuality, or is this to emphasive her, dare I say it, slutty side? Jury’s still out.
All of this to promote a very nice acoustic song. Barbara’s in the same pond as Melanie Laurent, kind of the same voice, also an actress, gentle song. A song that, to me, doesn’t need condoms or wodka to draw attention. What do you think?

Barbara Opsomer – Un dimanche en province (wav.file!) CLIP