Barbara_Opsomer_By_Steven_Lyon_9Belgian actress Barbara Opsomer is a beautiful girl. If you’re not convinced by the picture posted here, look at this one. Or this one. In the first linked picture, Barbara wears lingerie. In the second one, she’s topless (without showing it all). Is it sexist to link to those pictures? Anti-feminist? I always considered this blog to be female-appreciative, a way to applaud, laud, honor women in music. Sure, there’s no need to link to, or posts sexy pictures but I think these girls and women weren’t coerced in having those pics taken. I don’t think I’m being sexist when I state that I enjoy beautiful pictures of beautiful girls. But there’s a fine line.
The other day, I received a promo package of Barbara Opsomers pr-guy, containing a condom in a pink Barbara Opsomer-package, a small bottle of wodka, a pin-on button with her face, a picture of an old couple, and a usb-card with pictures of Barbara smoking (posted here) and drinking beer. What’s the message here? Is Opsomer just a fun-loving, outgoing girl with no issues about her sexuality, or is this to emphasive her, dare I say it, slutty side? Jury’s still out.
All of this to promote a very nice acoustic song. Barbara’s in the same pond as Melanie Laurent, kind of the same voice, also an actress, gentle song. A song that, to me, doesn’t need condoms or wodka to draw attention. What do you think?

Barbara Opsomer – Un dimanche en province (wav.file!) CLIP

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. SteveinSoCal

    Life is too short to download the wav file, but the from the video clip it’s a beautiful song although vocally she doesn’t appear to have the range of Melanie Laurent’s, Barbara has a nailed on voix-fragile. As to the beer – looks like she’s drinking (US)Bud – which everyone knows is alcohol free!

  2. Fivert

    I received the same promo package. I think u made a few short cuts here. I made some research. Barbara is also a model and a actress. The lingerie shots were taken for a magazine / lingerie edito. The topless picture is from photographer Franco Tettamanti’s portfolio. None of these were used for the promotion of her songs . And as for the condom, well it’s related to the track Aimez-vous, that u don’t mention here. Aimez-vous is a track dedicated to love and sexual freedom. It makes a lot of sense to me and I think it was smart. As for the beer and the cigarette, with all due respect, no big deal for me. All together like u put it, it can raise some questions, but there’s none to raise here if u want my opinion. The songs are great, lyric are smart, and Barbara is a beautiful talented and obviously a free girl. and THAT is great. xx