The Limiñanas

The Limiñanas are Marie Limiñana (drums) and Lionel Limiñana (guitar, vocals) who get help on their first single from’Mu’.  You can find great review of earlier singles on their Myspace, like ‘With grandiose production and simple, melodic hooks that would make Phil Spector blush in his jail uniform, The Liminanas have that special something that embeds their harmonious arrival quickly into your brain, sending a sinister vibe through the original ye-ye formula and coming out with remarkable results.’ Or:   ‘If the Velvet Underground had written songs with Serge Gainsbourg, it’d probably have sounded something like this trio from Perpignan.’  Je ne suis pas tres drogue sounds very Lio-esque to me, which as you know is a good thing.

The Limiñanas – Je ne suis pas très droguee