Ben Mazué & Pauline Croze

Been a long time since we heard from Pauline Croze, the fragile girl with the fragile voice who sang FS-faves like T’es beau and Jeunesse affamée. She duets on the debut-album by Ben Mazué. Like, for instance, Betrand Belin and or Benjamin Paulin, he talk-sings, puts some humour in his lyrics and is influenced by rap music. See Ben play his single Confessions of a rap addict live here.

No news so far about a new album from Pauline (her website didn’t have an update since 2009), but it’s good to hear her again. I always think of Maria de Medeiros talk about blueberry pancakes in Pulp Fiction when I hear Pauline sing.
UPDATE: A new Pauline Croze-album is announced! End of this year, beginning of next year.

Ben Mazué & Pauline Croze – C’est léger

Chloé Lacasse

Montréal-based Chloé Lacasse sounds on her debut album like a cross between the tender ballads of Feist and the emotional outbursts of Marie-Pierre Arthur, with added fatback drums. She did the rounds like so many Canadian singers (various concours de la chanson, winning Francouverts this year), plays the piano and writes intelligent songs. This debut-album is released after two self-produced EP’s, and though you can hear what Chloé’s been listening to in the past years, she does have her own style. It’s rough round the edges, at times up to eleven (loud drums, piercing guitars), but she knows how to keep balance and, like in the song posted here, she can sound sweet as well. This is her single.

Chloe Lacasse – Pyromane