Mademoiselle Nineteen

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Victoires de la musique (1)

And the winners are…Ben L’Oncle Soul, Gaetan Roussel, Hindi Zahra, Bernard Lavilliers, Abd Al Malik, Stromae and Indochine. These artists all won an award at the Victoires de la Musique, the most important music prizes in France. Lilly Wood & the Prick got the audience appreciation award. Together with Hindi Zahra (featured here) the only fille who won. Lilly sings in English and isn’t a real fille fragile, but this is a good opportunity to introduce her on this blog. This year, the awardshow is split in two, on March 1 the prizes for best female artist, best song and best album are announced.


Parisian dance-rockers Justice once unveiled for me the glitzy Musique, a floorfiller by France Gall, for this mix. Remixer Bottin does the same with Lio’s 1980 Sage comme une image (produced by Marc Moulin!), a remix he did last year – but nobody told me (well, FS-reader Johan did recently), so that’s why I’m posting it now. He took the long version of the song from Lio’s Suite Sixteen album, and stretched the intro. So now you can enjoy that Chic-like bass-and-guitar-groove even more!

Lio – Sage comme une image (Bottin Sage Oil remix)
Lio – Sage comme une image (original) Super sweet video here.


First the green, then de red, now the blue: blackhaired beauty Daphné keeps her albums colour-coordinated. Bleu Venise is as sensual as earlier work, but more intimate. No big orchestras, world-class arranger Vince Mendoza kept it calm. More focus on the melancholy in D’s unsteady, husky voice, more jazzy-vibes. Think Norah Jones’ first album. The album comes with a dvd that includes this video, and 1-minute clips for other songs. Shot in Venice, of course. Daphné is a beautiful woman, so it’s no punishment to watch the short clips. But it’s beyond me why you’d wanna put album-teasers on a dvd together with the album. We want full clips! Oh, and about the two English songs: they reminded me of Emilie Simon’s last album. But have no fear: songs like Venise sous la neige, the supersultry Moi plus vouloir dormir seule and closing track Hors temps make Bleu Venise a must-have.

Daphné – Hors temps