Here’s the yearlist of regular guestposter Mordi, he of the world famous Blowupdoll blog:

2013 has been a interesting year for French music – not a lot that I liked, but what did, I absolutely loved passionately. There were also some huge disappointments too courtesy of Alizée and Carla Bruni. but let’s focus on the positives! – these are my frenchie faves 2013:
1Albin De La Simone – Un Homme
WOW! This is probably the most played album in my house, car and i-phone this year. 100 times better than anything he’s released before – the production on this album is perfect- the songs are thoughtful, witty, quirky and beautiful. I am still not bored of it. Recommended listen: Ma Crise

2Alex Beaupain – Apres Moi Le Deluge
I am a huge fan of Alex – such wonderful songs, full of passion. He didn’t let me down this year- an album full of different styles but all with his signature emotive depth. Recommended listen: Vite

3Rose – Et Puis Juin
A subtle album full of beautiful tunes, slightly in the same vein as Berry. Recommended listen :Aux eclats je ris

4Alka – La Premier Fois
(Read my original view on this blog!) All I really need to say is Biolay + Gainsbourg influences + Adjani style vocals (but all with a contemporary feel) = a top album. Recommended listen : D’un amore a l’autre

5Vanessa Paradis – Love Songs
A near perfect album. Biolay is present again here in the song writing. She sounds the best she ever has – less nasal and with a mature confidence. And a double cd too – so much to enjoy. Recommended listen: Les Espaces et les Sentiments

6BB Brunes – Long Courier
I’m not going to pretend this is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard – but for a short while I really enjoyed it. If you fancy a change of scene from delicate female vocals – try something a bit more guitar based. Recommend listen: Aficionado

7 Mylene Farmer – Monkey Me
I know this came out at the tail end of 2012 but it seemed to get a bit lost, so it’s on my list for this year. It’s what you’d now expect from Mylene. moody, melancholy electro-dance numbers. no new surprises from mylene- just a reliable, if predictable, but a bloody enjoyable album. Recommended listen : Elle a dit

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