Sami, of the Hot Fidelité blog and a FOFS for a long time, lines  up his fave French tracks of the year:

1. La Femme – Sur la planche. This unsigned Biarritz band have only released two ep’s and already an instant hit. Sur la planche sounds like the best french surf song ever, somewhere between Rock lobster and L’aventurier.

2. Brigitte – Battez-vous. They ask men to fight to get them but each time I hear this perfect combination of bassline, handclaps and punchlines, there’s a riot goin on.

3. Nous Non Plus – Bunga Bunga. Easily the kinkiest song of 2011, and probably the best anthem for the end of the Berlusconi-era.

4. Jenifer – Je danse. Highly guilty pleasure, this popstar never really convinced me before this funky track, very 80’s inspired.

5. Mighty Mocambos & Caroline Lacaze – Physique. One of the very few examples of enjoyable and soulful funk sung in French.

6. Lescop – La forêt. Hated his band Asyl but surprised by this new wave return, kind of Taxi Girl 2.0

7. Yelle – Que veux tu. Cheap synths, childish lyrics but it works again for Julie and her boys.
8. Julien Doré – Kiss me forever. Reminds me of Coffee & TV, hard to get out of your head when you hear it.

9. Orelsan – 1990. A kinda old school rap song about what was acceptable in the 90’s, catchy and fun.

10. Katerine, Francis et ses peintres – Roc. Every cover he made on his triple (!) LP is great, but this one is waaaay to hilarious.


Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  2. SteveinSoCal

    I am so bloody envious – here in the Californian wilderness it’s hard enough to get to hear about artists from North of the 49th – even their music is difficult enough to get hold of. Makes me want to move back to Le Suisse Romand. But then I think of the snow, ice and yet more snow… and the exorbitant price of steak… Can’t complain of the lists so far (although not enough Mylene for my liking).

    However, got to add this to the list, “Comme par désenchantement” by Jacques Duvall and Coralie Clément. Never been that much of a fan of Coralie and was shamefully under-educated about Jacques Duvall… until recently that is :

  3. Iris

    Oh I must add my list of albums, because….where’s Loane?? You must think I’ve gone mad but I have Claire for no.1, Loane for 2, CdP for 3, Suarez 4 and Brigitte 5. Six would have been for Elisa Tovati/Melissa N’konda.

  4. Sky

    The blog link doesn’t work. As for the list: Bunga Bunga 😉