FOFS David send in a very special end-of-the-year list:

As 2011 comes to a close, I want to thank you again for your Filles Sourires blog. I’ve been going back through all your posts looking for artists I missed, buying many secondhand CD’s. On the offchance you haven’t seen these, here’s three albums from this year:

Ingrid St-Pierre, from Quebec, has been playing the cafes and small venues for years, and had her debut album “Ma Petite Mam’zelle De Chemin” One of my favorites is Desjardins (video). Another is Homeostasie Cranienne.

I came across Maya Barsony’s new album, “Monter Amoureuse”, when I reread your Filles Sourires post on her 2008 album. I found I enjoyed almost every song, especially liking Insomnie. Here’s the video for Poing Virgule.

Another Canadian premiering this year was Alecka, with her self-named album. Her songs vary widely, from “Le Printemps” (a favorite of mine this year), to more of a hard rock with a ska beat, Choukran (video).

A couple not from this year:

Occasionally (okay, very occasionally), I come across a filles with several albums that I don’t think have been mentioned previously on FS. One of these is Lynda Thalie. Lynda blends North African and middle Eastern rhythms with a bit of rock, similar in some respects to Souad Massi, including her low alto voice. While I like songs from each of her three albums, my favorite is from “La Rose des Sables”, Rallye aicha des Gazelles. The video shows the competition which I hadn’t heard of before – it’s an endurance road rally in Morocco, for women only.

Beats me what happened to Mimi Rousseau after her debut album, “Belle Route” (2007), but I wish she hadn’t stopped there. She does a very nice cover of Suzanne Vega’s “Luka”, with french lyrics. Another favorite of mine from this album is “Cassiopeia”.

Anyway, I have been meaning to write to you for quite some time – I have a bit of time off and thought I’d finally peck the keyboard for a bit. Thanks again for all the effort you put into FS.

all the best,

P.S.: Really envy you’re getting to see Beatrice Martin in concert. Hands down the album of the year – still listening to it every day.

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