Velvelettes_60sMotown, early Sixties. The Velvelettes were not quite as big as labelmates The Supremes or Martha & The Vandellas, but certainly supersexy, and on their debut single There He Goes they were accompanied by none other than young Stevie Wonder on harmonica. The most popular and best remembered song of Millie, Norma and Bertha was Needle in a Haystack, hitting the US charts in mid 1964. Four of their songs were also cut in French language versions, produced and written by Pierre Berjot in February of ’63 – renaming Motown’s headquarters from Hitsville U.S.A. to Hitsville France for some all-too ephemeral, but highly alluring moments.

Merci à Roy B.

Velvelettes – Je veux crier
Velvelettes – Le Hoky Poky
Velvelettes – Tu perds le plus merveilleux garçon du monde
Velvelettes – Puisque je sais qu’il est à moi

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  1. David Belbin

    One of my fave Motown groups – had no idea about these, must check out the Motown Around The World set. Many thanks.