No French girls this time unfortunately, but France does have a very vivid garage rock scene, with a lot of 60’s influence. And that is what we like here as well, so in this “under the Radar” time for two releases by French Bands without female singers.
Les Guillotines, from the Parisian suburbs,  released a single in 2011. They are said to be a garage rock band, but one of the rougher kind. B-side track L’absinthe”, remind me of French punk-bands form the eighties (Think Les Olivensteins). The a-side (“L’Aube”) has a bit more 60’s vibe, so that is the one I picked for now.

Les Guillotines – L’Aube

Les Spadassins come from Rennes and released their second vinyl-EP in December 2011. It looks very retro at least (covers like this make me greedy!). Some bandmembers used to play in Les Dadds which I say perform live some years ago. Two songs in English, and two in French on this EP. It reminds me of British Beat, combined with French Yé-yé and a little bit of soul. Of course we choose for one of the two French songs, the soulful “L’Effet que ça fait”. Enjoy the soulful organ!

Les Spadassins – L’Effet que ça fait