indexThis month, we’ll feature French filles who slipped under our radar, that didn’t get the attention they deserve. Mathilde Forget is one of them. The Parisienne released an EP last September, with pretty, electronica-infused and piano-driven songs, sung with an exquisite, fragile voice. Complainte d’anges is the strongest song on her 4-track EP, she’s not breaking new grounds but the fusion of electronics and strings is tasteful, balanced and, oh, that voice. Charlotte Gainsbourg is an easy made reference. Not a big fan of the English track. And then there’s this one too.

Mathilde Forget – Complainte d’anges

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. SteveinSoCal

    Complainte d’anges ticks all the right boxes. Edgy and with just that hint of a fragile fille, and yes Charlotte Gainsbourg immediately springs to mind. I checked out her Soundcloud page and while “Sous un oiseau” is also pretty catchy, the winsome vocal style on “Dès l’aube” and “Walk by with hope” just grates after a while.