How duo’s get together? Here’s one way: “Typsy Panthre began when Allison LaBonne saw John Crozier on the Minneapolis bus route 28D; New Year’s Day of 2008. A fan of John’s songwriting in the likes of Ninotchka, Ninian Hawick, and Muskellunge; and of his guitar work in a host of Minneapolis bands from the garage punk Wahinis, to the bossa-pop Legendary Jim Ruiz; Allison took a seat next to him.
John and Allison were members of the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, but at different times. Still before, John played guitar in a band (the Hang Ups) with Allison’s sweetheart. Now seated together, owing to the fact that John’s car had broken down and that Allison is a proponent of mass transportation; John inquired, “Would you like to sing on one of my songs?”
Emboldened by the gentle fog of a mild hangover and the dawning of a new year, Allison replied, “Only if we’re starting a band.” “Alright. What will we call it?” John queried.
She was unsure, and her stop was coming up; but Allison pointed out a caption of graffiti across the back of the seat in front of them. “Let’s rhyme it with this,” she divined. John laughed, which made Allison laugh; and ringing for her stop, she exited.
Thusly, in response to the sharpie-scrawled words “Miss me? Answer!” John soon uttered “Typsy Panthre;” and a band was born.” (From THIS website)

Since then Typsy Panthre released an album and a split 7-inch single. ‘Claudine’ is a new track (from a compilation of their label, Korda), my guess is that the song’s about Claudine Longet. It’s their first song in French. Which is nice. One friend of the band thought Claudine sounded a bit like Abba, and e-mailed the song to Abba’s Benny. Which is nice too.

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. SteveinSoCal

    The two Typsy Panthre tracks on the Kora 2 Komp album are actually great examples of dreamy synth-inspired indie-pop.