Using Serge & Jane’s Je t’aime… moi non plus as a backdrop for your own song – Scottish rockers Texas did it (for Guitar song, see here) but until last week I wasn’t aware Transvision Vamp did it too, and ten years earlier. Who or what a ‘twangy wigout’  exactly is, I dont know. I guess that’s not the point of the song, that focusses on singer Wendy James adding as much air to her breathy vocals as possible. Which is nice. The song is on the third and last TV-album ‘Little Magnets versus The Bubble of Babble’ (1991), not a huge success (euphemism alert). They broke up almost right after the release. I saw Wendy and the band live once, a hard rocking show with James as the very blonde eyecatcher. Who sang really well, as I remember. She’s still active as a singer, as this MySpace shows. And still making that glammed up poprock, very able to sex up things with her lolita-voice. But I don’t hear songs as catchy as this one. Or this one.

Transvision Vamp – Twangy Wigout

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. sky

    i saw fuzzbox at the melkweg then

  2. Skunkeye

    What a blast from the past! I loved the concept of TV more than the actual execution. It would be interesting ton hear some of Wendy James’ more recent work, I have a soft spot for her.
    That was an interesting time for UK female fronted pop bands, the primitives( who are back at work), the darling buds, and, ha, Fuzzbox (what happened to them?)

  3. guuzbourg

    You still feel very strongly about WJ, I can tell.

  4. mordi

    i have to say i HATED t.v. and wendy james with a passion!!! i couldn’t bear her fake lolita pout and faux bad girl image.
    yuck yuck yuck!

    this must be one of the few areas where we differ!

    still love FS though x