10363134_10152420446884573_8577959409999538824_nYesterday, Thomas Dutronc (yes, son of Jacques Dutronc, and Françoise Hardy) played Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. That’s a new venue on the shores of the IJ-river. About 50 people showed up, mostly female French ex-pats. Who flocked the stage when invited by Thomas. They, like me, enjoyed T’s manouche-sound, played with a superb band, including stellar gypsy-guitarist Rocky Gresset. Thomas is an endearing artist, who speaks English ‘Allo-‘Allo-style, can really hold his own on the guitar next to Gresset and, to my surprise, did a brilliant reprise of Gainsbourg’s Chez Les Yeye’s (see a version filmed by a fan at an earlier show). Excellent show. Hits like Je aime plus Paris and Comme un manouche sans guitare were very much appreciated. Picture was taken by FS-friend Sylvester Hoogmoed.
TD was a pleasant appetizer for more French(-themed) shows coming up, like Mick Harvey’s Gainsbourg-tribute in Tilburg (14-6) and of course Vanessa Paradis in Paradiso (19-6).

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.