Supersexy Motherfuckin’

An R&B vocal band with a highly complicated history, The Moments (also known as Ray, Goodman & Brown) formed in Hackensack, New Jersey in the mid-60s, signed shortly after to Sylvia Robinson’s Stang label and had their breakthrough smash hit with Love on a Two-Way Street which hit #1 in 1970. In the mid-70s, they established themselves as masters of first class satin sheets soul, with Look at Me (I’m in Love) – being sexy motherfuckers long before the time when The Artist formerly known as Prince used the term for them Eighties chicks. In 1973, they joined forces with the lesser known Baltimore R&B entrepreneurs The Whatnauts for the all-time classic Girls. The song was only a minor hit in the U.S., but a huge success all over Europe then – that’s why they also did a Gallic version, French smoothie style.

Moments – Look at Me

Moments – Look at Me (Version française)

Moments & Whatnauts – Girls

Moments & Whatnauts – Girls (Version française)