Eva de Roovere

Eva de Roovere worked with an impressive guestlist on her new album, Mijn huis (My house). Impressive if you’re Dutch, that is. Spinvis plays, wrote arrangements and a song, Thé Lau duets and Piet ‘Ozark Henry‘ Goddaer also contributed a song. Superproducer Reyn Ouwehand was at the controls. The reason she pops up on this blog is not only her delicate voice, but the fact that she sings two songs in French. By the way, this isn’t the first time this charming fille pops up on FS; she sang a song referring to Serge’s Je suis venu te dire and translated a track by FS-fave Shivaree. This time, she translated a song by Stephan Eicher (to Dutch) and sings a song written by Seb Duthoit (with whom she duetted earlier) and a track written by Kit Hain and Francois Welgryn. The latter, Chocolat, is honey to my ears. It’s an ode to various types of chocolate: ‘Un désir que je n’contrôle pas’. I’m pretty sure there’s no double entrendre here – though one never knows. When you hear Eva sing ‘Gelukkige verjaardag’ (Happy birthday) on the Will Tura-tribute, you can imagine how JFK must’ve felt when Marilyn sang her song to him.

Eva de Roovere – Chocolat
Seb Duthoit & Eva de Roovere – Jouer le jeu
Eva de Roovere – Gelukkige verjaardag