Try a Little Tenderness

At the reception after yesterday’s royal wedding, Sir Elton John told William, Katie, and the French ambassador a fascinating story. While driving along the promenade of St. Tropez in 1980, he was so overwhelmed by a chanson on the radio of his Ferrari Testarossa that he pulled to the side of the road to listen. On the air was Janic Prevost’s synth-driven disco-pop drama J’veux d’la tendresse; Elton was so moved that he covered the song a few months later, in English as well as in French for the Gallic edition of his 1981 album The Fox. The French ambassador had to admit he wasn’t familiar with Mademoiselle Prevost, and shook his head again when Sir Elton hummed the tune for him. Slightly frowning, William grabbed his fourth champagne flûte from a lackey’s tray, while Katie said she had heard that melody before: Wasn’t it called I Will Survive?

Janic Prevost – J’veux d’la tendresse

Elton John – J’veux de la tendresse