Swinging Mademoiselle III

Ten years after the release of $T2eC16N,!y0E9s2S5t07BQ0L04pm9!~~60_58Volume II, here’s Volume III of the most heralded French swinging 60s compilation series, Swinging Mademoiselle. Vinyl-only, just likte the other volumes. This volume contains a lot of Belgian filles. I bought it yesterday at this wonderful record shop in Groningen. A word of warning: it was a sealed copy yet it did not contain the insert that is promised on the sleeve. Not the record shop’s fault, it’s something you best check out before checking out.
Volume III is again compiled by ‘Sasha Monett’, who also put together this French volume of Girls in the Garage (there’s another GitG-comp dedicated to French filles, #10). Now, bear with me here. There are two other volumes of Swinging Mademoiselle (I, II). They’re out of print, sellers on sites like Discogs ask around 50 euros for used vinyl-copies. And there are two volumes of Swinging MademoiselleS, released on CD by the Silva Screen label (I, II) – easy to find, not that expensive (about 10 euros). Purists try’n find the vinyl-versions (check out Spiked Candy’s comment below, here), I’m okay with the CDs as well.

OK so far? Clothilde is on all those compilations. Now, Paris-based Born Bad Records released a compilation of Clothilde tracks called ‘French Swinging Mademoiselle’. So far, it’s a digital release only (see HERE), I don’t know if the label will do either a CD or vinyl version. On the Bandcamp-page it says ‘March 1’ as release date, that might be a sign there’s more coming up.

By the way, this is THE winning track on SM vol III: Patricia – Avez-vous déjà-vu? (youtube link). It’s orchestrated by Jean-Claude Vannier!