Pop Bâtard XIV: Le Art of le B-Job

French DJ & mash-up artist Sugamotor is becoming kind of a regular at FS, and rightly so. A sound aficionado at heart, he’s also a dedicated spare time pornographer – as well as me, Serge, and … erm, are you in, Guuz? – having designed some of the sexiest bootleg covers never going to be available in a record store. „Initially I wanted to find a girl licking a car body“, says Suga, „but no matter what I typed, Google images was showing me 50% of gay blow-job pics.“ Surely worth a try, but Suga’s final eye-candy pick is from Grand Theft Auto 4, a girl with a very special hand – and a highly adequate illustration for his stunning blend of Serge’s very own version of Les Sucettes with the grooves of French (Madonna) producer Mirwais.

Sugamotor – I Can’t Wait for the Sucette