Mannekijn vs Stromae

Great discovery by Tess from Het Chanson Offensief: Dutch trio Mannekijn.
Two of the girls, Oukje and Camilla got to know each other via The Kyteman Orchestra (a big group of musicians led by producer Colin ‘Kyteman’ Benders, playing music bordering on jazz, impro, hip hop and even classical), pianist Vera joined later. Oukje sang in various langauges during her classical training, French strikes her as a very poetic language and one that bridges the gap between the days of yore and the modern age.
Mannekijn (Old Dutch word for ‘Little man’) entered the Concours the la Chanson competition in Holland, and sang a version of La Chanson de Vieux Amants (Brel) and a great rework of Stromae’s Papaoutai, shown below. Love those sweeping strings, it’s just as rousing as the original version.
As I understand it from the little interview, Mannekijn wants to sing in Dutch, not in French, but this version will stay on the setlist for a while.

Allez la France

If you’re a football fan (no, it’s not soccer, it’s football), you probably witnessed the demise of the French national team. La fille du voison (the neighbour’s daughter) recorded several parodies, based on Stromae’s summer smash Alors on dance. The latest, Alors on perd (translates something like okay, so we lost) you can see above. This is the first one. This is Stromae’s original.

IN OTHER NEWS, I recorded several podcasts for Dutch internet-only station KX Radio. My show’s called Ongehoord Goed (Unheard Brilliance) and focusses on non-English pop- and rocksongs, from France, Spain, Brazil, Cambodia, Japan, Finland, etc. You can download the first two from here, and here. Yes, it is presented in Dutch, but the music’s universal, right? More to follow!


This has ‘Big Summer Hit’ tattoo’d on it’s dancing feet: Stromae’s Alors on dance is racing up the charts all over Europe. The catchiest thing in this Eurodance-hiphop song (with pretty heavy lyrics) by the Belgo-Rwandan Paul van Haver (aka Stromae) is of course the sax sample – Dutch 3FM radiojock Roosmarijn just can’t get enough of it. In fact, she even recorded, in just under four hours, a short version in Dutch. Nothing too serious, Roos isn’t thinking of a career change. Still, we’d love to hear try something en français…

Stromae – Alors on danse
Roosmae – Dan gaan we dansen