10 Sexiest Women in French Music Today (9)

The upcoming days, we countdown to the Sexiest Woman in French Music Today. Because this blog is all about appreciation, and boy, do we appreciate these girls.

9. Tamara Marthe/Shy’m

Martinique-born Tamara used to be shy, now she takes pleasure in putting herself in the crowd. In very reveaing outfits, as this picture, er, reveals. Shy’m (Shy+Martinique=Shy’m) isn’t a regular on this blog, we tend to keep away from the R&B- and electropop-sisterhood. So we miss out on Tal, Sofia Essaidi, Anggun, Sheryfa Luna and Shy’m. With their bedroom eyes, chocolate-covered voices and lyrics like ‘Monte le désir, d’être une femme dans le moindre de mes soupirs/D’être la tienne dans le moindre de tes délires’ (from ‘Mes fantaisies’ by Shy’m). Or Shy’m-videoclips like this one. And this one. One of the members of the SWiFMT-voting committee confessed that he ‘always watches her videos with the sound turned off’.

Shy’m – Et alors!