Guestpost! Mordi on Emmanuelle Seigners sister.

It’s always mentioned that Marie-Amélie is the sister of actress and singer Emmanuelle Seigner, but with this this new album, Marie-Amélie has the right to be known on her own as an independent artist. A follow up to her mostly lacklustre first album Merci pour les fleurs, Dans un vertige leaps out of the speakers with the first track On se regardait. Her vocals are filled with feeling as the song builds and the drums kick in and result in a nostalgic heartfelt track that just begs to be put on repeat listening. From here on in the album just grows with instantly catchy melodies. She even manages to use children singing without making me want to throw up in my mouth on the excellent La vie ca pique ! As well us the upbeat songs she slows things down a few times such as with the title track where you get the chance to get swept up in the depth and beauty of the emotion in her voice. Her playfulness at times reminds me of Marie Espinosa and occasionally there were shades of Olivia Ruiz. The upbeat songs are more successful than the softer tracks – but most of it all it feels like she has broken out as an artist with her own identity and sound. There’s lots to enjoy here!
And if I had to compare this to Emmauelle Seigners last album – I would say this wins (just!)

Marie-Amélie – La vie ca pique